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Site Rules

Security Barrier

The Security Barrier can be accessed using your gate card. This should not be used to let any other vehicles onto the site other than your main car.


Only one car per pod is allowed on site. Extra cars must be registered in reception and parked in the car park. Fees apply. Commercial vehicles and vans are not permitted on the site and should be parked in the car park.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles should not be charged using the electric to the pod. Doing so may result in you being asked to leave the park. Please use our dedicated electric vehicle charging point.

Speed Limit

To ensure the safety of all guests a strict speed limit of 5mph or less should be used at all times.


In the Mega Pod, there is a maximum of four people per pod occupying the unit overnight. In the Deluxe Mega Pod, there is a maximum of five people per pod occupying the unit overnight. All visitors are requested to report to reception. All visitors’ cars must be parked in the car park and pay the appropriate fee.


In order to ensure the smooth running of the park, could you please refrain from putting any insoluble items (e.g. nappy liners, toilet wipes, etc.) down the toilets as they block up the systems. No bleaches or disinfectant should be tipped in the waste water drains as it impairs the functioning of the biological sewage treatment plant.


Please be aware that there is a pond, containing deep water, on the lakeside area of the park. There is also a beck at the north end of the park. Please be careful when walking around these areas and ensure children are supervised at all times. All children must keep out of the main farmyard area. 

Play Area

Children playing on the play area must be supervised by an adult. Children must also be careful when crossing the road from the park to the amenity area. No children should be on the play area after dusk.


BBQs are allowed but must be raised at least 50cm off the grass. No hot ashes to be placed in or around the rubbish bins or recycling bins. No open fires.


In order to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, all games must be played on the amenity area. It is appreciated if noise is kept to a minimum after 10:30pm.


Please use our recycling bins whenever possible, ensuring that waste is placed in the correct bin as labelled. 

Waste bins

Prior to departure, please remove all rubbish from the pods and dispose of in the waste bins which are adjacent to the pods, please see site plan for details. No chairs, electrical goods, bedding or carpets to be left in the bins. Please take them home with you.


One dog or two small dogs are welcomed in the Dog Friendly Pod only. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be left unattended. Dogs must be kept under control at all times; failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the park. No fouling on the park – accidents must be cleaned up immediately and placed in the appropriate dog waste bins.


Unfortunately we cannot accept any postal/courier deliveries to the park for customers staying on the site.